Monday, November 30, 2009

Malaysia 2000 $10 Zeti Aziz Without Security Thread Golden Numbers 2000000 UNC

***A banknote issued in year 2000 from Malaysia before the advent of the silver security thread now so commonly seen with the present-day banknotes.
This unusual banknote bears the prosperous Golden Serial Numbers of 2 million.
Price = US$110

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Malaysia 1998 $2 Ahmad Don LOW SERIAL NUMBERS UNC

***Here are 10 Consecutive Uncirculated RM2 banknotes dated 1998 with Ahmad Don's signature bearing Low Serial Numbers.
RM2 banknotes are unique as they were only issued once in 1998 & 1999 and they have been collectors' favorites.
Even though these banknotes are meant for general use but very few are actually seen in circulation.
Price = US$120

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $20 Banknotes LAST PREFIX 'TE' UNC

***5 Consecutive Pieces of the $20 banknotes from Malaysia printed in 1984 in Uncirculated condition, which bear the Last Prefix of 'TE.'
These $20 banknotes are getting increasingly popular, thus, increasing the prices to procuring them.
Definitely, an important banknote to have in any Malaysian banknotes collection to be proud of!
Price = US$220

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $10 Banknotes First Prefix 'AW', Low Serial Numbers ALI ABUL HASSAN SIDE-SIGNATURE

***A Consecutive Pair of the very popular $10 banknote dated 1999 from Malaysia bearing the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan in Uncirculated condition.
These notes bear the all-important First Prefix of 'AW' and they come with Low Serial Numbers.
Surely a must-have for all those who specialise in the short-issue of banknotes bearing the 1-year term Ali Abul Hassan's signature!
Price = US$190

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Malaysia $50 Zeti Aziz ZA9765581 to ZA9765590 Replacement Banknotes RARE

***An enviable & very desirable rare set of 10 Consecutive Pieces of the $50 ZA Replacement banknotes from Malaysia, with the current Governor's signature in Uncirculated condition, bearing the Scarce Serial Numbers of ZA 9765581 to ZA 9765590.
To those not-in-the-know, the banknotes featured today will be the most expensive banknotes that bear Zeti Aziz's signature, as her other banknotes have not much collectible value due to her long, almost decade old, tenure as Governor.
An absolutement rare consecutive set that most Malaysian replacement banknotes' collectors would yearn for!
Price =US$1,900

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Malaysia 2009 $10 ZD Replacement Banknotes Low Serial Numbers

***An unusual set of 10 Consecutive Pieces of the $10 ZD Replacement Banknotes with Zeti Aziz'z signature from Malaysia in Uncirculated condition and with unusual low serial numbers.
This is the first ever time one has ever seen such low serial numbers for Malaysian replacement banknotes.
Definitely something proud to have in one's collection!
Price= US$250


Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Malaysia 1st & 2nd Series $5 Banknotes 1967 - 1976 UNC

***These are the everpopular & definitely evergreen 1st & 2nd Series $5 banknotes from Malaysia issued between 1967 to 1976 in Uncirculated condition.
Both these banknotes look almost similar and the slight inconspicuous difference can be found with the former having the older spelling version.
Without doubt, a very popular series that most Malaysian banknotes collectors would already have or would definitely add to their proud collections!
Price = US$120

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Malaysia 2008 New $50 With Merdeka Logo Low Serial Numbers The 28th & 29th Banknotes UNC

***These are the number 28th & 29th new $50 banknotes from Malaysia dated 2008 with the First Prefix of AA & with the 50th Merdeka/Independence Logo at the Reverse in Uncirculated condition.
The first 20,000 pieces of this note with the Serial Numbers of AA 0000001 to AA 0020000 were issued with the Special Independence Folders.
Thereafter, the first note of the AA series came with the Serial Numbers of AA 0020001 and this first note was sold to a serious collector in Penang for the princely sum of US$2,000.
The banknotes featured today are the 28th & 29th note of the AA Series.
Do not confuse these featured notes with the 'AF' series as these later issue came without the Independence Logo.
Price = US$150

Monday, November 16, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $2 ZD Replacement Banknotes ALI ABUL HASSAN UNC

***These $2 ZD Replacement banknotes dated 1999 were issued as replacements for the $2 series bearing the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan in 1999.
This $2 series only bears 4 prefixes, namely, DF,DG,DH & DJ, with the first & last prefixes sharing serial numbers with their respective preceding & successive issues carrying different signatures.
As such, this replacement series should only be a limited issue and it is expected that the price of this replacement series will be on an stronger uptick t5rend when more collectors realise this fundamental fact and thereafter, start to chase after this issue.
Actually, the accumulation has already begun.
Price = US$95

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $10 Banknote Ali Abul Hassan Centre-Signature Radar Numbers 9191919

***An unusual 1999 $10 banknote from Malaysia bearing the Centre-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan with the repetitive Radar Serial Numbers of 9191919 in Uncirculated condition.
Price = US$85

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $100 ZA Replacement Banknotes ALI ABUL HASSAN CENTRE-SIGNATURE

***These are 3 Consecutive Pieces of the scarce 1999 ZA $100 Replacement Banknotes from Malaysia with the Centre-Signature variety by 1-year Governor, Ali Abul Hassan.
Unusual to see this issue in 3 consecutive pieces and even more unusual to even see this issue put to sale online these days.
Definitely, a pivotal Malaysian $100 Replacement Banknote to have in any respectable Malaysian banknote collection!
Price = US$400 Nett

Friday, November 13, 2009

Malaysia $50 Scarce ZA Replacement Banknotes ZETI AZIZ UNC

***A rare Consecutive Pair of the ZA RM50 Replacement Banknotes bearing Zeti Aziz's signature in Uncirculated condition.
Safely, this RM50 ZA Replacement series is, indeed, the rarest banknote series bearing Zeti's signature, whether Replacement or otherwise, as it only comes in the form of ZA97xxxxx, ZA98xxxxx & ZA99xxxxx, whereby, its serial numbers actually continue from her predecessor's.
And it is also very safe to add that due to Zeti's long tenure as the Central Bank's Governor, now into her 9th year, all of her other notes, basically, do not have much in collectors' value, due to the abundance of banknotes issued, & being issued, during these 9 years that bear her signature.
Price = US$200

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Malaya 1953 $100 Banknote Queen Elizabeth II Original Fine

***This $100 banknote dated 1953 must be one of the two 'Mother of All Banknotes' from the Malaya & British Borneo series, due to its scarcity in Original Unwashed, Unpressed or Untampered in-any-way condition.
An Original Uncirculated copy is, apparently, commanding a price of US$10,000 or even more; very much higher than as catalogued, especially, when one takes a peep at the laughable Krause reference!
A good reason why it is tagged with such a high price is because, basically, original UNC copies do not exist. The best one could get hold of might be a Good EF or an AUNC piece.
But I am skeptical even in the existence of an Original AUNC piece. In spite of that, so-called AUNC pieces are being offered online for sale at, of course, ridiculous sky-rocket prices & if such pieces are, indeed, Original AUNC, why would the vendors not offer them to be auctioned off at huge auction houses downsouth in Singapore, where big players will be present and such copies could bring-in very much higher prices!?!
Very plausible guess being most of these notes are low grade notes that have been chemically Washed & then, pressed flat, yielding a very thin piece of discolored, flat trash, with its embossment totally wiped off!
The note featured here today is in Original Fine condition, with all margins intact, no tears & no holes, but with grime & all signs of circulation on it. But, isn't that how a 55-year-old circulated banknote should look like?!!!
***Not For Sale At The Moment***

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $50 Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature LOW SERIAL NUMBERS BJ0000299 UNC

***This is the RM50 banknote dated 1999 with the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan bearing the unusually Low Serial Numbers of BJ0000299 in Uncirculated condition.
This has to be one of the most requested and eternally evergreen post-1990 Malaysian banknote and not surprisingly, it comes with only 3 prefixes of BG, BH & BJ and the BG & BJ prefixes did not come in their entirety but only partially.
As such, the quantity available, esp. in uncirculated condition is very limited and now further complicated by the deluge of demand by, not only,various collectors but also from dealers.
Definitely, a pivotal must-have banknote in any respectable Malaysian banknote collection.!
Price = US$210

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Malaya 1928-34 Rubber Export Coupon 5 Katis

***A rare 5 Katis uniface Rubber Export Coupon dated 1928 to 1934 from British Malaya in Fine condition, with no holes or tears.

This Rubber Export Coupon comes in the form of 5, 10, 25 Katis & 1 & 10 Piculs. However, the smallest denomination of 5 Katis is the rarest of it all.

And believe the catalogues not as far as prices are concerned as such rubber coupons are transacting at 20 to 30 times the catalogued prices on the ground!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $5 NZ Replacement Banknote Ahmad Don Thomas De La Rue UNC

*** This is the very rare & elusive $5 NZ Replacement Banknote dated 1995 that was signed by Ahmad Don and printed by Thomas De La Rue in Uncirculated condition.
Do not confuse this note with similar ones that were printed by the Canadian Banknote Co which are available in abundance and wouldn't cost an arm and a leg to procure.
This banknote has to be the among the Top 3 Rarest post-1990 Replacement banknote from Malaysia, the other 2 being the RM2 ZB Replacement Banknote with Ahmad Don's signature & the RM50 ZA Replacement with the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan, which, are currently selling in excess of US$450 each, but even then, you can get hold of these issues if you have the dough!
But, despite having the dough, you might not be able to get hold of the replacement banknote that is featured today as most, if not all, dealers DO NOT have this issue. Give it a try & ask around for it & see the results thereafter!
However, all catalogues have totally 'ignored' the rarity of this issue by giving it a laughable rock-bottom price and all sorts of cynical reasons have been given by collectors for this!
Price= US$400
***Just Sold For US$392!***

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Malaysia 1981 4th Series $5 Low Serial Numbers 000001 To 000010 UNC

***An unusual set of 10 Consecutive Pieces of the evergreen 4th Series of the $5 note banknote dated 1981 with the Signature of Aziz Taha in Uncirculated condition bearing the Low Serial Numbers of 000001 to 000010.
Instead of a potpourri of various prefixes, this set of 10 notes comes with the same Prefixe of B/24 and with it, the extra premium and of course, that's what most serious collectors look for.
Price = US$1,800
***Just Sold For US$1,650!***

La Malaisie 1998 Billets de Banque de $10 Ahmad Don UNC

***Voici 10 billets de banques consécutifs émis en 1998 de valeur 10 Ringgit et ceux qui portaient la signature d'Ahmad Don, le quartrième Governeur de la Banque Centrale malaisienne.
Ils sont encore en très bonnes conditions et avant tout, n'ont pas été pas circulés auparavant et peuvent être considérés commes les une des plus préférés billets parmis les collectionneurs locaux!
Le Prix= 110 Euros

Friday, November 6, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $100 ZA Replacment Banknote Ali Abul Hassan Centre-Signature UNC

***A Consecutive Pair of the scarce 1999 $100 ZA Replacement Banknote bearing the Centre-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan in Gem UNC condition.
This centre-signatured variety is the scarcer one but since catalogues gave higher prices to the Side-Signature variety, many collectors have ignored this scarcer variety. But, a trip to various banknotes dealers today will reveal the on-the-ground truth!
And those factually in-the-know would have had accumulated this centre-sigantured variety!
Price = US$300

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Malaysia 2007 10Sen Error Coin Capped Die & Brockage Error UNC

***A marvellous 10sen error coin dated 2007 from Malaysia in Uncirculated condition with a Huge Capped Die & a Full Obverse Brockage error!

The Obverse shows the full mirror-image of the Reverse instead of its normal design.

There is, also, a conspicuous crack die error at around 5 o'clock of the Reverse.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $10 First Prefix 'AW' Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature UNC

***11 Consecutive Pieces of the ever-popular $10 banknotes dated 1999 with the Side-Signature of the short-termed Governor, Ali Abul Hassan, whose reign only lasted for a short 1-year tenure.
These notes bear the all-important First Prefix of 'AW.'
Price = US$200

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Malaysia $5 Polymer Banknotes Low Serial NOs DV0000031 & 32 UNC

***A Consecutive Pair of the $5 Polymer Banknotes with the Low Serial Numbers of 0000031 and 0000032 & with the Last Prefix of 'DV' from the 'D' series.
It's not that often that we come across these $5 Polymer banknotes with Low Serial NOs being made available for sale, either online or through other sources.
Price = US$110

Monday, November 2, 2009

Malaysia 1998 $50x2 ZA Replacement Banknote UNC

***A Consecutive Pair of the 1998 RM50 Replacement Banknote signed by Ahmad Don in Uncirculated condition.
A now tough note to get hold of, especially these 2 pieces which have 2 zeroes in front of the Serial Numbers as most that we do see come with only 1 zero.
Price = US$160