Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $10x2 ZA Replacement Banknotes Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature

***A consecutive pair of the $10 ZA Replacement Banknotes dated 1999 from Malaysia bearing the Side-Signature style of Ali Abul Hassan in Uncirculated condition.
Ali Abul Hassan was the Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia whose tenure was the shortest in Malaysian history as he was Governor for merely around a year.
As such, most banknotes carrying his signatures, especially those of his Side-Signature varieties carry extra premium & some, very hefty premiums.
And it is especially rare to even see banknotes with Solid Numbers bearing his signature!
Price = US$110


MAN UTD 55 said...

For the RM10 ZA Replacement Note, Is That BNM got issued ZA replacement note sign by Tan Sri Ahmad don?

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Yes, there is a ZA Replacement Note for the $10 note signed by Ahmad Don dated 1998.