Thursday, October 22, 2009

Malaysia 1986 $20 Banknotes Last Series UNC

*** These are the $20 banknotes from the 6th & Last Series ever issued in Malaysia, bearing only 3 prefixes.
However, its predecessor, the 5th Series, is selling at more than twice its prices in open market even though it, the 5th series, came in 5 prefixes.
I see potential spike in the prices for this 6th series, as it will playing catching-up with the 5th series. The price for its Replacement issue, the 'UZ', has easily gone up by US$30 this year alone after having been in a laggard mood for so long.
Both these $20 issues from the 5th & 6 series are not scarce nor rare as most of these notes were never put to use but instead have been 'hoarded' by collectors for potential gain.

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