Saturday, October 17, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $20 Prefixes TA - TE

***Only 2 issues of the $20 banknotes series were ever issued in Malaysia & that being the 5th Series which came in 5 prefixes of TA, TB, TC, TD & TE while the 6th Series came in 3 Prefixes of TF, TG & TH.
Most of these $20 banknotes were 'hoarded' & were never really used in general circulation as they were meant to be. I am making this remark as I have seldom seen the $20 banknotes in general circulation myself.
Bizarrely, despite having 5 prefixes, the 5th series is selling at more than double the price of that of the 6th series, which came in 3 Prefixes only.
Perhaps, collectors have been slavishly adhering to the prices as catalogued.

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