Thursday, October 8, 2009

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money $1 MA707432 Good VF

*** A scarce piece of the $1 Malayan Japanese Invasion Money banknote with the Serial Numbers of MA707432 in fresh & original Good VF condition.

My collector-friend, Choo, recently mentioned that the $1 JIM banknote with Serial Numbers in UNC condition might possibly be the rarest JIM banknote as none of this issue in UNC condition has surfaced in any major numismatic auctions & in fact, many of us have yet to see a UNC piece.

The 'highest' grade of this issue seems to be those in VF condition & most put for sale are in VG or poorer conditions.

Apparently, this issue with Serial Numbers were printed in Japan & brought along by their troops during the invasion. Many were lost & damaged during circulation.


blurguyz79 said...

tokeh,duit2 jepang serial number mmg gua suka...kumpul modal dulu.

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Yg bernombor, yg paling susah dpt ialah $1 MA & MB serta $10 MB.

Yang lain2 banyak, tapi dlm gred rendah & kurang dlm gred tinggi.

Yg $10 MB bernombor, ada difahamkan hanya ada sekeping aje di Msia.

blurguyz79 said...

wahhh....rare betul $10MB.thank for the info tokeh,hehehe.

malayastraitsbanknotes said...

Tapi, jgn keliru, hanya $10 MB yg bernombor saja yg begitu rare kerana setahu saya, hanya ada sekeping saja - dlm tangan kolektor di Penang.

MB yg takde nombor tu melambak lah.

blurguyz79 said...

aku faham yg lain2 jepang dah bawa balik kot,hehehe