Saturday, October 31, 2009

Malaysia 1985 $500x2 Jaffar Hussein Gem UNC

***A Consecutive Pair in Gem UNC Condition of the-now-demonetized $500 banknotes dated 1985 signed by Jaffar Hussein.
Rare for to find these second biggest denomination Malaysian banknotes in such a pristine and original uncirculated condition!
Price = US$1,250

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Malaysia 1999 RM100 ZA Replacement Ali Abul Hassan Centre-Signature UNC

***This is the 1999 $100 ZA Replacement banknote from Malaysia in Uncirculated condition with the Centre-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan.
Most collectors actually thought the Side-Signature variety by Ali Abul Hassan is the scarcer issue, but, in reality, it's this one with the Centre-Signature that is the scarcer one and should command a higher price than as per catalogued.
No doubt, the majority of collectors have been ignorantly & slavishly misled by the various catalogues which have, pricewise, indicated otherwise.
But factswise, this issue is not widely seen being sold, privately or on the net!
Price = US$150
***SOLD AT US$130!***

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Malaysia 1999 RM50 Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature BH Prefix UNC

***This is the most expensive non-Replacement banknote issued during the post-1990 period in Malaysia, bearing the Side-Signature of Ali Abul Hassan, who only reigned for a year as Governor.
This unusual banknote only came in 3 Prefixes of BG, BH & BJ. Only the BH prefix had a complete issue wherelse the BG & BJ prefixes were shared with the preceding & subsequent issues respectively.
A truly scarce and highly demanded banknote that one no longer sees in general circulation for many, many years now.
Price = US$100

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Malaysia 1998 Ahmad Don $50 ZA Replacement Banknote UNC

***The only $50 ZA Replacement banknote signed by Ahmad Don dated 1998.
Theoritically, this should be a common issue and should have been an issue in abundance but, however, not many of this issue has been seen for sale by dealers or online, esp. in UNC grade.
Price = US$80.

Malaysia 2000 RM10x2 ZA Zeti Replacement Without Security Line UNC

***This is a pair of the RM10 ZA Replacement banknotes dated 2000 & signed by the current Governor but this is the very first issue which came Without The Security Line.
The varieties With The Security Line are the ones which are so commonly in circulation currently & which is located at the right margin next to the portrait.
Of all the RM10 ZA Replacement issues signed by the current Governor, this initial issue still commands the highest price in the open market.
Price = US$50

Monday, October 26, 2009

Malaysia 1967 1st Series $10 Sa-Puloh Choice UNC

***A truly Gem UNC banknote from this ever popular 1st Series 1967 $10 Sa-Puloh banknote from Malaysia.
A truly gorgeous banknote with very sharp edges and corners and no signs of foxing.
And with very strong conspicuous embossment to gawk at!
Price = US$85

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $50x2 Replacement Banknotes ALI Abul Hassan Centre Signature UNC

***These are the common variety of the 1999 $50 ZA Replacement banknotes with the Centre-Signature style of Ali Abul Hassan.
The variety with the Side-Signature signed by him must be among the more expensive Replacement banknotes of modern Malaysia as each in uncirculated condition is commanding a price of no less than US$450!
Price = US$100

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Malaysia 1999 $10x2 ZA Replacement Banknotes Ali Abul Hassan Side-Signature

***A consecutive pair of the $10 ZA Replacement Banknotes dated 1999 from Malaysia bearing the Side-Signature style of Ali Abul Hassan in Uncirculated condition.
Ali Abul Hassan was the Governor of the Central Bank of Malaysia whose tenure was the shortest in Malaysian history as he was Governor for merely around a year.
As such, most banknotes carrying his signatures, especially those of his Side-Signature varieties carry extra premium & some, very hefty premiums.
And it is especially rare to even see banknotes with Solid Numbers bearing his signature!
Price = US$110

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Malaysia 1986 $20 Banknotes Last Series UNC

*** These are the $20 banknotes from the 6th & Last Series ever issued in Malaysia, bearing only 3 prefixes.
However, its predecessor, the 5th Series, is selling at more than twice its prices in open market even though it, the 5th series, came in 5 prefixes.
I see potential spike in the prices for this 6th series, as it will playing catching-up with the 5th series. The price for its Replacement issue, the 'UZ', has easily gone up by US$30 this year alone after having been in a laggard mood for so long.
Both these $20 issues from the 5th & 6 series are not scarce nor rare as most of these notes were never put to use but instead have been 'hoarded' by collectors for potential gain.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Malaysia 2007 Error 50sen Coin Missing Lettering

*** An error 50sen coin dated 2007 with the word "Bank" missing.

I got this coin from an automated parking-ticket vending machine as change almost 18 months back and I strongly believe that this is a bona-fide freak coin that came from the mint.

It is in Good EF condition but with lots of bagmarks.

Monday, October 19, 2009

Malaysia RM1 100 Pieces Serial NOs. 0000001 To 0000100

***Here is 1 stack of 100 pieces of the RM1 banknotes from Malaysia having the Serial Numbers of 0000001 to 0000100.
Apparently, the printing of these RM1 notes from Prefixes AA right up to YZ have been completed and done with.
And according to reliable grapevine sources, the Prefixes for new RM1 notes to be printed in future with begin from ZF to ZV.
Replacement issues will, thereafter, bear the Prefixes of ZW onwards.
Price= US$220

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Malaysia 1982 $20 Prefixes TA - TE

***Only 2 issues of the $20 banknotes series were ever issued in Malaysia & that being the 5th Series which came in 5 prefixes of TA, TB, TC, TD & TE while the 6th Series came in 3 Prefixes of TF, TG & TH.
Most of these $20 banknotes were 'hoarded' & were never really used in general circulation as they were meant to be. I am making this remark as I have seldom seen the $20 banknotes in general circulation myself.
Bizarrely, despite having 5 prefixes, the 5th series is selling at more than double the price of that of the 6th series, which came in 3 Prefixes only.
Perhaps, collectors have been slavishly adhering to the prices as catalogued.

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Malaya 1961 $10 Buffalo Note 'B' Prefix Last Prefix Original F

***A rather rare banknote from Malaya & British Borneo dated 1961 in the form of the infamous Buffalo Banknote but which bears the 'B' Prefix & with the Last Prefix of B/6 in Original Fine Condition.
The only reason for this issue to be considered as being 'rare in any condition' must be due to the fact that only 6 Prefixes were issued, compared to the earlier Small 'A' & Big 'A' issues.
Importantly, the piece displayed here is Original, with all its imperfections caused from general circulation shown here.
'Original' means it has not been chemically washed or tampered to 'enhance' its look, as is now commonly practised.
Price = US$950

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $10x5 Ahmad Don Last Prefix 'WK' Giesecke & Devrient UNC

***5 Consecutive Pieces of this rather attractively well-designed banknotes dated 1995 from Malaysia, signed by Ahmad Don, printed by German printer, Giesecke & Devrient & bearing the Last Prefix of 'WK.'
I consider the design found on this series as the most attractive of all for the $10 series.
Price = US$100

Monday, October 12, 2009

Malaysia 1998 $100 Ahmad Don ZA Replacement UNC

***A $100 ZA Replacement Banknote dated 1998 signed by Ahmad Don in Uncirculated Condition & with a counting flick on the bottom left corner.
Apparently, of all the $100 Wawasan series banknotes, this is , perhap,the scarcest $100 Replacement Banknote as one seldom sees this banknote being offered for sale on the internet.
Price = US$150

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Malaysia Error Coin 10sen 1976 Uniface Strike

*** An error 10 sen coin from 1976 in Good EF condition with a Uniface Strike.
The design on the Obverse is almost missing. Only a slight silhouette of it could be seen, as is typically found in such similar uniface error coins.
There is still some original patina found on the Reverse of this coin.
***Not For Sale!****

Friday, October 9, 2009

Malaysia Error Coin 2006 1 Sen Off-Centre Light Broadstrike

** An excellent 1sen error coin dated 2006 in Uncirculated condition with a marvellous off-centred broadstrike error & with a light strike on the Reverse.

The 1sen coins were demonetised in 1997 & are no longer in use. Apparently, the costs for minting these 1sen coins are higher than the face value of these coins!

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Malaya Japanese Invasion Money $1 MA707432 Good VF

*** A scarce piece of the $1 Malayan Japanese Invasion Money banknote with the Serial Numbers of MA707432 in fresh & original Good VF condition.

My collector-friend, Choo, recently mentioned that the $1 JIM banknote with Serial Numbers in UNC condition might possibly be the rarest JIM banknote as none of this issue in UNC condition has surfaced in any major numismatic auctions & in fact, many of us have yet to see a UNC piece.

The 'highest' grade of this issue seems to be those in VF condition & most put for sale are in VG or poorer conditions.

Apparently, this issue with Serial Numbers were printed in Japan & brought along by their troops during the invasion. Many were lost & damaged during circulation.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Malaysia 1995 $500 Ahmad Don Rare In UNC

**A rare Uncirculated Original & Fresh piece of the 7th and last series of the $500 banknote dated 1995 from Malaysia signed by Ahmad Don.
Only 3 series of the $500 banknotes were ever issued in Malaysia.
Many collectors thought that the 4th series bearing the much-demanded signature of Aziz Taha is the rare piece, but, in actual fact, the 7th & last series with Ahmad Don's signature is the scarce one esp. in UNC condition, as the quantity printed was much lesser with the Governor's sudden resignation & also, the subsequent demonetisation of this $500 series.
Price = US$1,200
***SOLD FOR US$1,150!***

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Malaysia 1998 3-in-1 Uncut RM50 Polymer Notes

***A 3-in-1 Uncut $50 Polymer banknotes from Malaysia dated 1998 in a Folder which was issued to commemorate the hosting of the Commonwealth Games in 1998 in Malaysia.
What many collectors or even most collectors do not know is that this is a rather scarce issue as ONLY 5,000 pieces were issued. This is not surprising as this fact is never catalogued in a any Malaysian numismatic catalogues.
And furthermore, the 5,000 issues that were issued were never sold to the general public but instead were sold to staff of the Central Bank and to those involved in the Games.
Price = US$250.

Malaysia 1986 $20x2 UZ Replacement Notes UNC

***This is a Consecutive Pair of the $20 "UZ" Replacement Banknotes dated 1986 in UNC condition.
This $20 Replacement issue has lately seen a surge in its demand as, perhaps, collectors now realise that this issue only having 3 Prefixes should command better prices, compared with the other $20 issue signed by Aziz Taha which came in 5 Prefixes, but without any Replacements, but is selling twice the price for the regular banknotes.
Price = US$250.